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Practical Law Webinar: Supercharge Your Legal Practice for 2023 (2022년 12월 7일 4 PM)

Release updates

라이브 웨비나에 참가하셔서 아래의 내용에 대해 들어보세요:

  • What legal content and research technology is right for you?
  • Which subscription types of Practical Law and Westlaw are best suited to lawyers in Asia?
  • Getting the most out of Practical Law and Westlaw
  • Personalisation features and helpful additional resources
  • Customer success stories
  • Q&A session - Meet legal experts team who manage the products

발표자 정보:

  • Jen Lee, Proposition Manager for Practical Law, Thomson Reuters
  • Sarah Ann, Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters
  • Sasa Lam, Training Specialist, Thomson Reuters

웨비나에 대한 더 많은 정보와 참가 신청은 아래 링크를 통해 확인 가능합니다.


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